Friday, October 5, 2007


A group of Rotarians' wives donated much-needed curtains for triage and the delivery area.
They came on Friday to present them to the doctors and the Director of the hospital.

The curtains are thick and sturdy, easily cleaned by just wiping with solution. The current curtains are flimsy, stained and do not provide much privacy. One of the three delivery stalls lacks a curtain altogether.

(When Eve told me they were coming, I imagined some sort of religious sect, like a cross between rastafarians or zoroastrians. It took me a while to remember the Rotary Club. At least, I think that's what we were talking about.)

We took photos of the curtains being presented on the postpartum ward. You can see the women's beds lined up all the way down. When the beds are full, the patients who have had vaginal deliveries lie on mattresses on the floor. Attendants also sleep on the floor, next to the patient's bed. The baby sleeps in bed with the mother.

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Anonymous said...

Veronica--I am a Zoroastrian but take no offense--have been a confirmed atheist for many decades