Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Tiny though she is, Eve bubbles over with conversation. Over breakfast, while Grace notices my Lancet journal on the table and becomes immediately absorbed, Eve tells me all I need to know about medicine in Uganda. She's like a walking handbook for my elective. I wished in that moment for a pen and paper to take notes:

The woman who was in the ICU when she left, after 4 weeks with a fetal demise arriving in DIC and who was probably going to die
Maternal mortality
The things that surprised Amy and Deidre when they visited
Tthe long bus ride ahead of us
HIV rates in Ugandan fisherman
The difficulty of obtaining a visa to do an elective in Canada
Ruptured uteri
“Four doctors in one cesarean section? Impossible! In Uganda, the interns do them alone!”

Eve & Grace Grace & Me

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