Saturday, October 27, 2007


My last day was a Monday, which is the day when the department has its large weekly meeting where department issues are discussed among all the doctors and midwives.

We reviewed the statistics for the last week:
147 deliveries
6 cesarean sections per day (average)
10 FSBs (Fresh Stillbirths)
4 MSBs (Macerated Stillbirths)
1 Maternal Mortality

At the end of the meeting, they let me take a picture:

These are some of the postgraduates and interns:

Dr. Mukasa:

Dr. Mugyenyi and Dr. Wasswa:

Dr. Wasswa and Dr. Mukasa:

I am truly grateful to everyone in the department. The nurses and midwives who graciously helped me figure out how things worked, translated for me and tolerated my bumbling. The postgraduates who showed me everything, treated me as one of them, and were so considerate and wonderful despite their exhaustion. The consultants who treated me as a colleague, who were so receptive to my perspective and interests, and engaged in so many stimulating discussions with me about the state of women's health in Uganda. The patients who, although we did not speak the same language, communicated nonetheless, welcomed me with broad smiles, and taught me countless unforgettable lessons.

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