Friday, October 5, 2007

And I Thought Weiler Was Insane

On my first day, I am on call.
Department meeting at 8:30am, where the previous 24 hours are reviewed.
The postgraduate (resident) who was on call summarizes.
Afterward, we see the sick patients.
I spend that day getting organized and getting to know the wards. Also getting lost.

In 24 hours, this is what I saw:
  1. Eclamptic, now POD#1
  2. Pus-filled abdomen from D&E at 24w with RPOC. Now POD#1 s/p ELAP.
  3. DIC/HELLP/Eclampsia – in ICU
  4. Severe PEC on methyldopa awaiting repeat c/s
  5. 33w HIV+ with cryptococcal meningitis and malaria
  6. Precocious puberty at 5yo with left adnexal mass
  7. Maternal death from severe postpartum hemorrhage at home. Para 12.
  8. Renal failure with global pitting edema and severe anemia at 12 weeks. Hgb=2.4 (!!)
  9. Uterine rupture with 2 prior c/s in labor
  10. Postdates at 45 weeks (LMP 11/21) – not in labor.
  11. Eclampsia at 8cm, arrived seizing.
  12. Full term IUFD with postpartum hemorrhage.

In the morning, Joseph, the postgraduate on call with me, reviewed the nights stats:
41 Admissions
33 Deliveries
24 Vaginal deliveries
9 Cesarean sections
1 Maternal mortality

Really, the gods must be crazy.

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