Monday, September 21, 2009

We did more cooking this weekend.

We fired up the Braai (grill), which involved over an hour of effort from Scott to get the charcoal going. Now I appreciate quick-start charcoal. Cheating, schmeating.

We made steaks rubbed with salt, pepper and Tandoori spice, and beef kabobs marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, tamarind, salt pepper, BBQ seasoning and honey.
We made string beans in tomato sauce - a long time favorite of mine that mom makes (of course).

Scott also found these weird tiny vegetables in the market. They're green and the size of half a finger. When you ask, they tell you the Luganda name for the vegetable, which doesn't help.

We couldn't figure out what they were, until Scott finally bit into one and it tasted like a cucumber. They were tiny, tiny cucumbers.

I chose to stir-fry them, for lack of ideas on what to do with tiny cucumbers - half in soy sauce, half in soy sauce plus tamarind. The ones with the tamarind were decidedly tastier. I don't think I'll make them again, though, because they were a pain to slice up, being so super tiny.

For dessert, we grilled a pineapple, which was the most delicious thing ever.

We were highly satisfied with our cooking effort, as was Joseph, our night guard, who proclaimed our cooking to be of "high quality." Next time, we want to make a BBQ for the whole house - probably not on a weekend, though, since everyone flees to Kampala.

Next project: Meat Omelet.

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