Friday, October 30, 2009

Misoprostol Will Save the World

I went back to Labor Ward today to check on the woman I had started inducing with liquid misoprostol, and was thilled to find that she had delivered vaginally.

She told me that she had kept taking the liquid miso as directed all night until she felt contractions. She started the miso at 2:30pm, labor started around 2am, and she delivered around 9am. Perfect!

The baby was small - 2kg - but it's hard to say whether it was preterm or growth restriction. With the oligohydramnios and intact membranes, it really could have been growth restricted, in which case it's good that she delivered. The baby boy seems fine - tiny and adorable. She asked me to name him, but I felt weird about it, so she asked me for my brother's name. So Daniel and mother are doing well and will likely go home tomorrow.

I'm very excited that the miso worked in this way. This could make a huge difference, especially in avoiding cesareans.


danengber said...

it sounds like miso soup

sarah jo said...

I don't even know how to pronounce misoprostol, but this sounds amazing. Congratulations on the successful alternate application of the drug, and congratulations ohn having an Ades namesake.