Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tororo District Hospital Website

A very generous tech friend has donated his time to help create a website for Tororo District Hospital.
It's still in progress, but I am excited to see it up and running, and looking forward to developing ways to make the website useful for the TDH staff and the Tororo community.

You can see the website here.
There is also a section with information about how to do a clinical rotation at TDH for medical residents interested in global health.

We will be making changes to the site over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back in and see its progress!


Francis Wong said...

Dear Veronica,

I am a final year medical student from the University of Hong Kong, hoping to attach to the District Hospital of Tororo in Uganda. However, I have difficulties in finding way to proceed with limited contact information available on the web page. May I further enquire you on how to contact the contact person over there? By email or by phone? It would be great if you can kindly help me bridging.

Many thanks!

Francis Wong
MBBS 2013
The University of Hong Kong

Veronica said...

Hi Francis,

It's great that you want to work at TDH.
You can contact Dr. George Welishe: gwelishe (at) yahoo (dot) com

He is one of the physicians at the hospital and regularly hosts foreign medical residents at TDH.

Good luck!


Francis Wong said...

Dear Veronica,

Thank you so much for making the big step towards my dream. I have been reading about the experiences that medical residents had at TDH, and was hoping to have the chance to work there too for so long! Thank you once again for the help!

Wish you all the best with your work!