Friday, July 24, 2009

The House

Pictures of our house in Tororo.

Technically, it's a 6-bedroom house, but it has extra nooks and crannies that can fit more people if needed. I have lost count of how many are staying there right now.
It has a large kitchen (in which the shelves need some finishing), and a large living room with a haphazard collection of furniture. We have a TV with satellite cable, although I haven't used it much yet because I keep falling asleep by 9pm.
The bathrooms are strangely distributed, with 2 of them in individual rooms, and only 1 off the hallway, which means that 4 women (right now) are sharing 1 bathroom. So far, there have been no scuffles, but we'll see how long that lasts. Eventually, there will be 5 of us with 1 bathroom.
It was a rather spartan bathroom, too, but Beth and I bought some decorations in town. We found a blue shower curtain, blue plastic shelves and a blue wastebasket, and now it looks much prettier.

Note the front yard, excellent for gardening, and the hammock-worthy trees.
The night guard has already started a garden in which he grows corn.
The porch makes for nice afternoon lounging, and we're planning to start playing frisbee in the front yard.


Scott Sell said...

What about badminton? Is the yard good badminton?

Scott Sell said...

Also. The house is the same color as your apt in Cambridge. bonus.

Corona Benson said...

It looks nice! I have a feeling Scott will put himself to good use fixing up the kitchen, etc. Maybe he can install another bathroom. Scott, how are your plumbing skills these days?